1. crazymedic777's Avatar
    I'm still a newbie at this BB stuff. I have a Nextell BB 7100i. I have all my contacts on the sim card from my old phone. How do i add or copy the contacts from the sim card to the phones address book? I've even put new contacts in the address book, but I can't find them. Please help.
    05-22-08 12:50 PM
  2. jenaywins's Avatar
    ok so im confused.... are you saying that you put your sim card into your new phone and nothing loaded onto your bb? and when you say youve "put new contacts into the address book" do you mean you literally typed them into the blackberry and they wont save, or...???
    05-22-08 02:05 PM
  3. latina berry's Avatar

    1-With the BB on just pull the battery for 1 minute, and put it back in.

    2- I know that you may not be able to copy your contacts from some cells to BB due to incomparability.

    3-If you still have problem, take it to the store and let the guy do that for you.They have a special machine that transfer your address book. The guys at the store did it for me, I used to have the Nextel i870 and they transfer all my contacts info into my new BB 8130. I did not get charged.
    05-22-08 04:43 PM
  4. latina berry's Avatar
    How come I forgot to say welcome to CB.

    Bienvenido a casa!
    05-22-08 04:49 PM
  5. cronaldo's Avatar
    There is no way to just mass copy them from SIM to phone, you have to do it manually by hand or somehow get them load on to your computer and put them into Outlook and then sync them to the BB. This is because the 7100i doesn't have a SIM manager unless they changed that since I had one.
    05-22-08 05:41 PM