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  • BeeJive (even though it'll kill your battery)

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  • BeeJive (it won't kill your battery, you're just imagening)

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  • IM+ (even though it's slower, you'll save battery life)

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  • They have the same sending/receiving battery consumption

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  • ...I don't know...

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  1. zkyevolved's Avatar
    Hey everyone, I was a huge beejive user for a long time. Well, since I turned to Blackberry! So yeah, since a while ago. Anyways, I am a hardcore IMer. On my Curve 8300 I had beejive open 24/7 and connected to my MSN & AIM account. I would stil have about 25-40% battery left with about 60 contacts on both lists. Then I found that IM+ had IM PUSH. So I got it. Now I have 6 accounts logged in all the time, with 300+ contacts online. I like this a lot more. It's no where near as fast as BeeJive, but when I need fast chatting I can log on to an account and just use that, then use IM+ To put me back into Push mode again if it's just normal chatting.

    Anyways, so what takes more battery power? Sending/Receiving via an IM Client or Sending/Receiving emails? I see that they get sent slower than an IM. I had BeeJive on my Bold and it killed my battery. So what now? Which is better for sending/receiving messages? IM+ or BeeJive? Having 300 contacts on BeeJive would kill the battery from all the connects, disconnects, status changes, picture changes, etc.... IM+ is slower, and does sending/receiving emails (as IMs) take up more energy?

    04-06-09 06:37 PM