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    So Ive been thinking about getting the charging pod for my 9900 for a while now. Finally today, I decided to go out and pick one up. Went to the Att store, they didn't have it. So then I went over to the Tmobile store to see if they had it. Indeed they did, for $49.99. While looking at it (trust me, had not intention on spending over $35), a sales rep walked over to me and asked if I needed any help. I declined, and she said, "I see you like the cradle charger." I said, "Yeah its pretty cool." She then tells me that its actually selling for $59.99 because it was an accessory to a "premium phone" so they add $10....WTF!? I left...went to Verizon store. Had the same thing, in a less cooler packaging for $29.99. And the salesman even gave me a 25% discount on the charging pod and a 3-pack of screen protectors. Ended up paying $22.49 before taxes for the pod. Why the ridiculous pricing pricing difference in accessories? Anybody else notice this?
    11-12-11 10:56 PM
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    At least you found somewhere that carries it! I went to the local Sprint, Verizon, T-Mo, Best Buy, Frys, Target and WalMart. I live in OC, CA, not some small town. NOBODY carries it! I know I can order it online, but I just wanted to have it the other day. Not one retail locaion around me carries it.

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    11-13-11 11:21 AM
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    I've always purchased accessories online. Carrier stores have always been expensive. They probably count on impulse buyers who see something and just have to get it immediately.

    Even if I am going to buy something in a brick and mortar store, I always check pricing online first to find the brick and mortar store with the cheapest price.
    11-13-11 12:13 PM
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    I love BB accessories for all my devices, I always get a charging pod, holster case, extra battery and screen protectors with every new Berry, and now the PlayBook as well.

    But I ALWAYS buy them at Amazon.com because they really have the cheapest prices and most of the time free shipping as well. So I suggest you buy from there.

    Occasionally I will buy an accessory from shop.crackberry.com, but only when they have those crazy good deals that they advertise on the blogs.

    Like this one: Deal of the Day: Save 70% on the BlackBerry Zip Sleeve for PlayBook - Get it today for $14.95

    Ive aways wanted one of these cases, but it was too expensive and I tried to just use the Neoprene Sleeve that comes with the PB temporarily (even though its a real pain to get the PB in and out.) But as soon as I saw this, I took advantage of this awesome deal!

    So anyone who likes to accessorize like I do, I suggest you use sites like Amazon, Buy.com, newegg.com, and brando workshop. Or just wait for the CrackBerry Deal Of the Day deals.

    Also if anyone from shop.crackberry.com is reading this.... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a super special DOD for the BlackBerry Leather Envelope . Its a bit too pricey but I really really want one!!
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    11-13-11 02:21 PM
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    Just get the dock chargers on amazon. They're like $14

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    11-15-11 01:50 PM