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    We run internal DNS servers which are used by all client machines (mobile and desktop) for serving DNS. We have a number of internal domains for development that are not available to the outside world, but available when on the LAN. For example, one of these domains is called digital.testing.dev and this points to an internal development server via an internal DNS entry. When a user on the LAN enters this (digital.testing.dev) into their browser, they're directed to a website located on that server. Obviously, this only works when on the LAN.

    When a user tries to hit a site outside of the LAN (ie. blackberry.com), our internal DNS servers first check to see if we have an entry for that domain — if not, then the request is directed to a public DNS service (ie. Google DNS, OpenDNS, etc.) and the user hits the requested site. All good.

    This is working on all our desktop and laptop machines (a mix of Macintosh and Windows boxes) and on all of our iPhones without issue (we're a predominantly Macintosh-based organization). We just introduced a BlackBerry Bold 9700 into the mix and I just can't get this working on it. The Bold is connected via Wifi (I've tried manually entering IP/DNS and allowing auto as well — neither worked) but it just won't connect to any of the internal sites.

    I've disabled the mobile network so I'm ONLY on wifi, and I can confirm it using our internal DNS servers, I can access the web (ie. blackberry.com, google.com, etc.) via our internal DNS servers, but I just can't access the internal sites.

    Does anyone have any idea how I can get this working on the BlackBerry? We're hoping to introduce more BlackBerry's into the mix, but if this won't work, we won't be able to do so.


    Edit — just some more information. We don't have a BES, though, when I look at connection information, BES Connection Type is listed as wifi. BIS is also listed as wifi. Not sure if this helps?
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    U need to use MDS gateway inernally.

    Setup a BES Express server. Its free.
    03-18-10 03:05 PM
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    Can you explain why I would need an MDS gateway?

    Is there something about the way the BB is designed in that it doesn't respond to/interact with standard DNS/gateway information like desktops/laptops/other mobile devices do? Why can't it just connect to an internal site via DNS? I mean, I know our internal DNS is setup correctly to direct requests to internal servers, so I don't see why the BB acts different?

    I'm not looking to slag the device/platform, just trying to inform myself so I can justify the need for the BES Express Server.

    03-18-10 03:16 PM
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    OK, I looked into setting up BESX, but for the ability to get a handful of devices to be able to view our intranet, it just seemed like major overkill and even though BESX is "free", I'd have to purchase a PC, Windows Server and an Exchange server and that would be money just wasted since I wouldn't be using any of the functionality of BESX outside of the MDS gateway so I could give these devices the ability to view development websites and webapps on our LAN.

    I can't believe there's not a simpler way to do this? I mean, for all our other mobile devices, laptops and desktops, all I have to do is feed them the correct DNS info via my DHCP server. But, this just doesn't seem to work for the BB devices?

    Right now I'm working on a Bold 2 so, if anyone has any suggestions, it'd be greatly appreciated!

    05-06-10 02:03 PM
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    Use the Hotspot browser. It's the only BB browser that directly uses the access point for DNS lookups and LAN access. All other browsers use the AP only to lookup that browser's WAN gateway (RIM, WAP, Bolt, Opera, etc).

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