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    Im working on a issue for my company with restricting internet access via the Blackberry BES Express Server [by setting several access control rules] to block certain sites on Blackberry devices and have found that users who use devices that use Blackberry OS 5 and earlier when they access a site that's on the blocked list they are blocked.

    But have found that several users who use 9780 Blackberry that have OS6 on them the Blackberry allows them to access all sites that are blocked -

    I've found a quick workaround for this by removing the second entry called Blackberry Internet Service under service books on the Blackberry 9780.

    Then when a user trys to access a blocked site they are blocked but if you power cycle the device the entry is re-added to the service book -

    I just wanted to ask if anyone knew of a better solution or away of stopping the blackberry from adding the extra entry back in the service book.

    I have checked the internet for a permanent solution but as yet I havent been able to find one.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    08-30-11 11:01 AM