08-21-08 03:50 PM
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    Woe Slow down Sarah...I guess I'm the one that started this mess. I see you ran maxmem. O.k. first DON'T PANIC
    remember earlier today I told you, you should get more familiar with your phone before you tried to update your os?.....this is why. Now, you did good you've got over 15mb of free file memory thats good. Remember you had barely 1mb so you freed up quite a bit you phone will stop dumping stuff now. As for the about, no biggie. I should have told you about that and people were confusing you because they didn't look at which model you were using.
    If you need to see file info etc. just hold down alt (bottom left corner) and press e a c e like fonebrkr said. there is another shortcut to do this as well but we won't go there just now. so how is everything else going?

    I would recommend the alt + eace combo for the pearl.
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    08-20-08 09:31 PM
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    you are great pltayler!! I appreciate your help SO much!! ☻ Especially the fact that you don't mind me not understanding. lol!! anyway i see the info now. i guess that's all then i don't want to add anything else. ☻
    08-21-08 03:39 PM
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    Im sorry i appreciate the others as well. but pltaylor has been helping me so much that i wanted to thank him
    08-21-08 03:40 PM
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    you're very welcome!
    08-21-08 03:50 PM
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