1. foxteam's Avatar
    Hi, im wriiting to the forum because I wish to know how the GPS of this BB works. Im from Chile and im planning a trip to Europe and I like to know if the GPS on the BB 8900 will work over there. I dont know if the GPS on this phone works like a normal GPS receptor or it has to by working in the country for obtain the cell company service like Edge or something like that or I can grab the phone and take it everywhere and use the GPS navigation system without having the coverage of the cell company.

    Hope you can help me on this and thanks.

    My best wishes from Chile
    05-04-09 01:27 AM
  2. Enigmata's Avatar
    I have the 8900 and I am sure the GPS will work fine all over the world. The question you are posing is about the software, as it is what will be limited. Google Maps and Blackberry Maps require a cellular connection to get the data for where you are. Amaze will download the data for you when you have one, and does not need one when you are without a connection.

    There really are a multitude of GPS programs that will run on a 8900: GMaps, BB Maps, Amaze, Trimble's group, Garmin's group, and probably several others that I am unaware of.

    Check them out for the details of coverage and their connection needs. I am sure you will figure out what you want.

    05-04-09 01:13 PM