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    1. i just wanna know, if i unlock my blackberry 9300 from mobilicity, would it work for any carriers in the world? Specially in canada and china.

    2. why is a unlocked fido or rogers 9300 not working with mobilicity sim card? but a unlocked mobilicity 9300 will work with either fido or rogers sim card?

    3. someone told me that "If mobilicity bb9300 is unlocked, it can be used with the 2G network. For example, in canada you can use the phone with ROGERS, FIDO, CHARTR, wind, but no bell, virgin, telus and koodo( because they only provide 3g network) . In usa, u can use with at&t and t-mobile." was he right?
    01-05-12 11:10 PM
  2. 13echo4's Avatar
    Yes the 9300 will work on att. The 9300 doesn't have cdma transmitter so it won't work on bell. Bell is a cdma company. Hope tbis helps.

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    01-06-12 07:07 AM
  3. blackberry-unlocking710's Avatar
    You can unlock Blackberry Bold 9300 and get it working with GSM sim cards from any GSM carrier.

    The thing is that there are frequency bands and not all the mobile service providers use the same technology.

    Many Blackberry devices are supporting a few frequency bands, the radio can be 2G and 3G/H+ and you can get your Blackberry unlocked to use it with other carriers.

    Rogers Blackberry will work with Bell sim card because it's using the same bands for the 3G/H+ speeds, same as Wind and Mobilicity devices that also can be used on both carriers with fast speeds if they are unlocked.

    Some other carriers will use the the same bands for 2G speeds and that's why you get 2G (EDGE) connection.
    01-06-12 02:52 PM
  4. teeuwen's Avatar
    I don't know if this helps but i bought a curve 3g (9300) from koodo for $150.00,
    went online to an unlock site and i gave them my model and ime code, later you go threw and enter the mep code and your phone is unlocked.

    My unlocked "koodo" 9300 works with rogers, its also nice because it doesn't have the rogers logo on the bottom and is a whiteberry
    01-06-12 03:59 PM