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    So I ordered a 9700 today. I've never activated my own phone at home before so this should be fun. Also going to give wife my current 9000. Is this going to be a major headache?? She does not currently have a BB. I assume that if I have issues that at&t will walk me through it.

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    02-15-10 07:36 PM
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    All she'll have to do is put her sim card in the 9000
    From there call AT&T CS and just have them add a Blackberry data plan to her
    number if she so chooses.

    Same goes for you. Put your sim card in the phone. You won't have to activate a
    BB plan if you already have one.

    I also recommend using the device switch wizard in desktop manager before you
    put your sim card in the new phone. If you do that then your BBM contacts will be
    pushed your new pin without you having to re-add them. Or you can use the
    backup feature on BBM5.

    And of course once that's done login to your BIS and switch to your device and
    PIN to your new one.

    Note: You'll need to switch your device on BIS first before she activates a data
    plan. This way you've essentially released the PIN on the old phone now that you
    entered a new device.
    02-15-10 07:49 PM
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    Ok thanks. Sounds simple enough

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    02-15-10 10:31 PM