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    Hi .. I am currently on my third 9900 is under 2 weeks !!


    My current phone is deleting text messages !! There is no option to keep them forever although i did check that box in the Messages folder not the text message folder !!

    I have been through and deleted all ap's i dont use to free up space but honestly this phone is brand new i have very few App's installed .. Twitter Fb BBM .. I didnt have a lot of texts to start with when i backed it up using BBProtect !! It shouldnt be low on memory already i never had this problem with my Curve 8520 .. Im also getting the message saying i need to delete texts as memory is too low .. Pftttt !!

    This phone is pretty awesome .. However i did think it would be third time lucky .. Hmm Maybe not !!

    Do i phone o2 yet again and ask for a FOURTH replacement or is this the way it is with all handsets? Very low memory for aps messages texts etc ..

    Any help would be gratefully appreciated

    P.S I started this thread as i havent seen any recent posts about this problem .. However i am new to Crackberry so im still learning how to navigate
    02-14-12 04:20 PM