01-17-12 11:29 AM
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  1. DangerMouseUK's Avatar
    No one else has posted about this on its own post yet so I thought I'd throw it in.

    Has no one else noticed really bad GPS in big cities (I'm mainly in London).

    I mean unless you're directly outside it practically never gets a lock on, I'm pretty sure it uses APGS as well so something even approximate but I'm getting nothing unless I'm stood outdoors.

    Was in Spain and France not in built up cities and outdoors and it locked on quite quickly but I'm guessing the AGPS is not functioning properly or at all even though there's a clear setting for it under location settings.

    I'm hoping this is a software specific issue with AGPS not being implemented properly or the GPS drivers not being up to scratch yet.

    Anyone else in a big city getting this ? Please don't tell me your GPS works perfectly if you live in the countryside where the GPS will probably perform better.
    09-15-11 10:23 PM
  2. 9900Boldfan's Avatar
    This does not sound too good. I will try and test one today (here in Bangkok) and update later on today. I'm looking at buying one today but with all these problems I am seeing I'm thinking it just may be better to get the Galaxy S2 or the new HTC Vigor that just got announced.
    09-15-11 10:44 PM
  3. decypher44's Avatar
    I know you have a 9900, and are on a different continent than me, but my 9930's GPS works really well. I live in Orange County, CA - and travel across the county 5 days a week. I also drive to LA, CA every couple of weeks. So far, GPS has been very accurate.

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    09-15-11 10:45 PM
  4. DangerMouseUK's Avatar
    Hmm what firmware you running ?

    I'd be hard pushed to believe the GPS chipset is different, but maybe the CDMA AGPS module works better than the GSM AGPS not sure. Not even sure if the chipset is different at all just different radio modules activated in the factory etc.

    Or maybe its 353 firmware on the 9900. I can't remember actively using GPS before this firmware.
    09-17-11 04:04 PM
  5. andyJH's Avatar
    I just picked up my 9900 this afternoon and I am blown away. What a cool phone.

    As for the GPS: My former phone, an 8900, would struggle to locate my location indoors while the 9900 connects almost instantly under a roof. A huge improvement in that area. I have not had the phone out side of my home yet, so I cannot say more than that about the GPS.
    09-17-11 09:27 PM
  6. spark032207#WN's Avatar
    I have a 9900 on T-Mobile USA in the middle of Chicago. The GPS works okay. Weirdly enough, on BB Maps, I can see my location within 15 seconds or so. But then it sometimes disappears within a minute.

    It definitely isn't as fast as the Atrix or iP4 in the household.
    09-17-11 09:58 PM
  7. DangerMouseUK's Avatar
    Hmm maybe its just a London thing then.
    09-18-11 07:00 AM
  8. belfastdispatcher's Avatar
    Hmm maybe its just a London thing then.
    Vodafone uk 9900 working fast in Belfast, faster then the 9700 but the 9000 was also faster then the 9700, In London I presume there could be many things interfering.

    I find it finds my location very fast even if I'm driving fast on the motorway.
    09-18-11 07:24 AM
  9. Spawn12's Avatar
    Got a 9900 running 353 firmware and i get a GPS fix within 10secs or so...live in london and thats for both inside and outside....mind you mines a unbranded sim free model.
    09-18-11 10:02 AM
  10. DangerMouseUK's Avatar
    Strange. I am gonna have to investigate further. Thought it was more general than that.

    Off I go to test ! lol
    09-18-11 01:35 PM
  11. SunnyV's Avatar
    Finds my location very fast in london, but the only problem I had was that when I was walking east, it would have me shown walking in the opposite direction.....
    09-18-11 02:13 PM
  12. ignites's Avatar
    mine works even from my room indoor with a small window (gps not a-gps since it was down to meters)
    09-18-11 04:44 PM
  13. big samm's Avatar
    Im in Canada and i don't have any problem with the gps... It locates me seconds after launching google maps with sometimes 5 meters of accuracy!
    09-18-11 05:05 PM
  14. albee 1's Avatar
    Finds my location very fast in london, but the only problem I had was that when I was walking east, it would have me shown walking in the opposite direction.....
    You can change the navigation in the Menu fron North/Up to Destination/Up. Or something like that. That way you don't have to turn it sideways or upside down to navigate. FYI

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    09-18-11 07:05 PM
  15. FBA's Avatar
    Mine take only a few seconds to locate after enabling GPS...indoors. It get a location even faster than my Garmin does. The 9900 GPS is the fastest I've seen on any BB's I've used in the past few years.
    09-18-11 07:18 PM
  16. decypher44's Avatar
    Running .362. Using Telenav.

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    09-18-11 07:57 PM
  17. belfastdispatcher's Avatar
    In London today and yes it's bad, on my 9900 and my wife's Pearl 3G.

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    09-20-11 08:58 AM
  18. DangerMouseUK's Avatar
    Hmm so it is a London thing ! Or is it !

    I need to get out of the city !
    09-20-11 11:49 AM
  19. catwoman66's Avatar
    In London today and yes it's bad, on my 9900 and my wife's Pearl 3G.

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    I found most of the networks pretty awful in London and south east - compared to where I reside (Italy) I was surprised thought the Uk would be so ahead of us - thought wrong obviously, here we can even get 3G down on the underground in Milan, food for thought!
    09-20-11 11:55 AM
  20. supraking's Avatar
    my GPS has been taking forever to locate me, it's sometimes not even usable with Google Maps. Definitely WAY slower than my 9800. I'm in Montreal, Canada on Telus. Not happy with this, can anyone else say the same? Considering take it back and getting another one.

    Also, A-GPS doesn't even seem to work. What is going on??
    09-20-11 11:55 AM
  21. belfastdispatcher's Avatar
    Mine was fine in Belfast and all the way in the train from Stansted Airport to London, fast and without a glitch, once in London different story.

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    09-20-11 12:41 PM
  22. axe50's Avatar
    9900 on TMO in NYC, running stock TMO OS .250

    Locking onto my location takes much longer than my 9700 did. Hopefully an update to .35x will make a difference.
    09-20-11 12:47 PM
  23. cyberoid's Avatar
    Have a 9900 on T-Mobile (USA). I had to downgrade my Bold 9900 to the stock OS version

    After I upgraded to the the GPS would not lock on to any satellite. I let it sit in the car trying to lock for about an hour and no going. After downgrading to the stock OS it only took a few seconds to lock.

    I am sticking with the official T-Mobile OS for now.
    09-20-11 06:47 PM
  24. supraking's Avatar
    Does anyone have Assisted GPS working? For example, go into a basement and open Google Maps, does it show your location within x00 meters (at the cell tower site)?

    In reality, I think this is both Google Maps' problem and the A-GPS problem. BB Maps works fine at times when Google won't get a fix. Too bad BB Maps sucks.
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    09-21-11 11:08 AM
  25. papped's Avatar
    aGPS working fine on Poynt

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    09-21-11 11:30 AM
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