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    I've been using my 9650 for quite some time now and I'm really fond of it. I have to admit that I am getting a little sick of the lag and the hourglass and I'd also like a browser that's more capable.

    Since Sprint does not have the 9810 or the 9790, my choice for BB7 phones are basically the 9850 or the 9930. I don't want to give up my keyboard (at least not just yet) but the 9850 has an autofocus camera. The 9930 has a fixed focus camera and it's basically this that's been keeping me from taking the dive into 9930.

    I use my camera extensively for close up shots that require focus. These pictures range from shots of business cards to pictures of things that I need to fix so that I can refer to the pictures at a store, to many other close-up pics that require autofocus and close-up capability.

    I've heard people who own the 9930 say that the camera is not that bad. I've tried a few close-up shots at carrier stores, but the combination of the security wire/alarm and the limited angle I can shoot really prevents me from testing it out adequitely.

    So here's what I'm proposing:
    Attached here is a picture I took of my monitor while viewing Chris' awesome blog post about the recent RIM 'media day' (http://crackberry.com/research-motio...globe-and-mail).

    I took the picture of my monitor at approximately 10 inches with the flash off and the camera set in 'auto' mode. I'd like to see similar pictures taken of the same page at the same distance to determine once and for all if the 9930's camera is really as inferior in terms of close-up shots as I'm led to believe.

    I also think that there are many others who are on the fence about moving to BB7 with the camera in the 9930 being a major obsticle. So I say that it's time to end the talking since a picture's worth 1000 words (even though it's taken me close to that to make my point)
    07-08-12 10:40 PM
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    From my 9900:

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    07-08-12 11:03 PM
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    from my 9900

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    07-08-12 11:28 PM
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    The lack of autofocus is a huge obstacle for me which was what persuaded me to go with the Torch 9810.

    I am constantly photographing text and documents especially when there is no time to scan. Very happy with the Torch and its additional vertical screen space as well, over the 9900 series
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    07-08-12 11:32 PM
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    I too like the auto focus on the 9810 for that... and there is a 'Handy Scanner' App for the PB too.
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    07-08-12 11:38 PM
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    Torch 9810

    Focuses so well, it shows the pixels!
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    07-08-12 11:41 PM
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    That may not have been fair since portrait orientation allowed further camera distance, but this one is fair (landscape) and still in focus! (Pixels and all)
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    07-08-12 11:47 PM
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    And this from about two inches to push the limits....try that! with a 9900
    autofocus was a huge omission for a flagship product IMO.
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    07-08-12 11:52 PM
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    They're not great but they're at least I can read them. I really wish they had put the 9810/9850's camera in the 9930 even if it meant a little extra depth or if they made a CDMA 9810. And aside from the battery, I love everything else about the 9930 and BB7. It's kind of funny that I'm so eager to jump on a BB7 device now knowing that BB10 is coming and it's the &%$@ camera with a keyboard combination that's holding me back. I've given it a lot of thought and, at this point, the keyboard is more essential to me than the camera (even though I'd like to have both). I'll probably get a 9930 pretty soon. And I hope that they don't sacrifice close/auto-focus for thinness in BB10 so that when BB10 hits, I can have my better camera back.
    07-08-12 11:54 PM
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    Here is an example.
    07-09-12 12:12 AM
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    I was waiting for the 9930 as well but just couldn't wait and actually glad I got the 9810 instead as I now know how important the extra vertical display space is for web and documents when holding in the keyboard friendly orientation, I tried going back to my Bold 9700 (same screen size as the 9700 I believe) and just couldn't because I was too spoiled by the display.
    07-09-12 12:15 AM
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    Here is an example.
    Yours is pretty good. Here's the same from mine.
    07-09-12 12:24 AM
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    Any 9850/9860's out there? Maybe I should just give up the keyboard.
    07-09-12 12:27 AM
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    OP, it sounds like to me a good auto-focus camera is really important to you. Since we've posted up pictures from a 9900, and you seem to know how good the keyboard is on the 9900 yet you're still wondering if you should forfeit keyboard for camera
    07-09-12 12:41 AM
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    I will admit I miss the auto-focus of my 9650 but it serves my purposes. Its really not a bad camera and it is very quick.
    07-09-12 12:46 AM
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    Any 9850/9860's out there? Maybe I should just give up the keyboard.
    give up on the keyboard? That's blasphemy. go 9810.
    07-09-12 01:05 AM
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    I can't accept 9900 without autofocus
    07-09-12 03:06 AM
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    give up on the keyboard? That's blasphemy. go 9810.
    I would if I could but I can't because I'm on Sprint.
    07-09-12 10:04 AM
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    The 9900 camera really is terrible sadly. The camera on my old 8900 was much better. Losing the keys is a real trade off, but the camera on the 9860 is excellent.

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    07-09-12 12:34 PM