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    Hi, i have the following problem. Maybe someone can help.
    Torch 9800 can play music through my car stereo, but suddenly stops working, with no visible error signals.
    I paired via bluetooth my torch 9800 to my car stereo (Pioneer DEH-P980BT) (yes, it's a bit old), which is Bluetooth compatible, both for calls, and audio streaming (BT Audio).
    Ok, pairing was succesfull, phone calls worked properly, and I could even play a song through the car speakers. Then I change to the next song, and it plays ok. BUT when going to the 3rd song, it suddenly becomes quiet. There is no sound from the speakers, and no sound from the BB. And I can notice that the song progress bar in the BB (the one that indicates in which part of the song you are), is still running normally; but now sometimes it stops like 2-3 seconds, and resumes normal movement. I mean, the progress bar moves, like if the song was actually playing, but no sound. Then it keeps moving, and stops for other 2-3 secs, and continues. When I change the song, it takes a couple of extra seconds to begin to play. Like if it were too busy with some task, it's like it slows down. Again, no sound. No sound since I changed to the 3rd song.
    I disconnect the bb from the car audio, reconnect again, pair again, and it works fine but again just for 2 songs. And back to the same problem. Problem also occurs if I fast forward a song for example going from second 30' to minute 2:40 using the progress bar, sound stops playing, and bb turns slow.
    I have to say that my BB can play songs over bluetooth normally in a friend's car stereo, (JVC) wich is newer. But my question is then why in my pioneer it plays succesfully the initial songs and then stop sounding....
    09-15-11 11:06 PM