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    My boyfriend bought his first ever Blackberry Bold 9700 last week, but have ever since then not able to connect to his home wifi or other wifis.

    The wifi icon, as according to the User's Manual should turn white when there is connection, but so far it's always gray when wifi option is selected. There is also now green mark beside the connection name in manage connections. The WEP key is keyed in properly, but still no connection.

    Do we need to have BIS in order to use Wifi? I've read in some forums thats some Bold 9700 users don't use BIS but can still connect to the wifi.

    Can someone please enlighten me with this issue? The boyfriend will be really upset with his purchase of BB if this continues.

    Thank you so much!
    10-18-10 12:14 AM
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    *typo error

    ...there is NO green mark beside the connection name...
    10-18-10 12:36 AM