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    Hi all, my girlfriend dropped her 9700 in a drink last night. we took battery and sim out - tried drying it with the hairdryer - for a few mins (we made sure the phone didnt get too hot) left it for 2 hours then turned it on - it seemed to work fine it loaded full up etc but we decided to turn off and leave over night with battery out...
    this morning we put the battery in - the red light comes on - the blackberry logo comes up and it starts to load then screen went white then off... we tried again and it but then the screen go's black half way through loading up and go's off...
    i have now taken the phone to pieces - wiped over everything with tissue - got a cotton bud and bit of water and cleaned everything - as everything was sticky. wiped over everything again - give the full thing a blow with the hair dryer again... then tried to get the phone working again and it does the same - blackberry logo comes up - starts loading then go's off.. ive taken it all apart again and will leave to see what happends... but if there any hope???
    09-20-11 10:42 AM
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    From my perspective no, My experience is when you suffer immersion the phone is toast. My Wife did the same dumb stunt dropped her 9330 in a glass of tea. ( how the heck you accidently drop a phone in a glass of anything is beyond me, it is simply carelessness and stupidity).

    I did the drain it kept battery out and enclosed it in a container of rice thing. it came back on but was never right and had many problems not the least of which is the speaker got wet and you could barely ear her if she called you. Finally it just started freezing up so it had to be replaced.

    Fortunately in my case we had insurance. Still had to eat the 100.00 deductible but she has a new phone.

    Save yourself a lot of grief and just get a new phone. ( or a good price on a used one.
    09-20-11 11:21 AM
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    To be honest I droped my bb in water before and I pulled the battery out and I left my bb in the car for a couple days through out the day and I guess the heat of being inside the car dried it out cause when I put the battery back in it turned right on and worked like it was before maybe it was just my luck but hey it worked. I also heard if u burry it in rice that will work too

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    09-20-11 11:26 AM
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    Do the stuff outlined in this thread it may or may not work. And pray, pray HARD!

    09-20-11 11:44 AM