1. Tula.Mobile's Avatar
    A little background on my situation. I travel A LOT & T-MO doesn't have the best coverage in the deep south (Southeast TN and Northest GA). I have my 9700 unlocked so I can use different sims when I travel, but I know that AT&T gets better coverage. I've heard a lot of band things about AT&T, but I've had my fair share with T-MO. However, T-MO has always taken care of me with new devices and upgrades for cheap and after all these years I know their staff at the store personally. Now that you know the background, here's my thoughts; knowing that AT&T didn't have a great debut with the 9800 and I'm sure RIM is going to want to branch out and offer the device (or and upgraded version) on other carriers. Ex: Blackberry 9000 on ATT & 9700 on TMO. Now I would love to get the new 9800 but a few things are holding me back. First thing is that I'm extremely worried that I'm going to buy the phone and switch service and then they are going to release a 1 ghz processor version of the Torch and then I have the slower one. Also, after playing with the Torch it doesn't have the ability to set a vibrate option when you use the soft keys, which makes it a bit strange when typing on the screen.

    My question is, do you guys think they are going to upgrade the processor on the Torch or do you think thats it and they arent going to change it at all?
    08-18-10 02:20 PM
  2. gizmo_guy's Avatar
    The Torch's processor is actually quite fast. Many people dont realize that the BlackBerry OS takes far fewer resources to run than Android or iPhone.

    I would suggest that since you already have a great relationship with TMobile, you might want to stay with them. However, only you know what your specific needs are.
    08-19-10 01:26 PM