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    I moved to the Czech Republic two months ago from the US and since then my BB addiction has only grown. As I've traveled around, apps from DB(Deutsche Bahn) and Railteam mobile provide me up to the minute information on time tables on trains and the proper rails. XE currency helps me instantly know how much things actually cost, whether i am in Hungary, Slovakia, Poland or here in the Czech Republic. Google maps helps me navigate effortlessly through budapest, bratislava, prague, or wherever i may be as occasionally the signage is less than great in eastern Europe. Exceptional battery life has saved me when i had to go over 2 days without a charge because of some unforeseen circumstance. BBM allows me to talk home to my significant other, family and friends for free. A single text costs around 1.6kc (9 cents or so) so when my friends in country or in surrounding countries have a BB, the savings are really nice.
    There is not unlimited data here, and the compression allows me to still browse heavily, stream tune-in radio, use gmaps, bloomberg, ect without hitting my daily limits. The ability to book hotels or hostels on the fly has came in handy and as a media player my BB has helped me enjoy some long train rides.
    Having all of my email accounts pushed instantly, no matter what country i am in is pretty great and I've not missed an important email yet. Docs2go allowed me to edit an important application on the fly and password keeper allows me to carry all my important czech bank account information and new passwords here securely. Berryweather works flawlessly here and has been very handy.

    The most important thing my berry for me however did was survive a serious car accident. I was riding with my friend from Germany when we got into a car accident on the freeway from Prague to Brno. We were involved in a 4 car crash going 150 KPH in brand new 328 with xdrive. The car protected us amazingly well, but we still needed to call his insurance and start the claim, get a tow truck, rental car, ect. His phone (3gs) was inoperable after the crash, mine was fine once we found it and it allowed us to smoothly settle everything and continue with the trip.

    The 9700 has been boringly stable and reliable and has made frequent communication home possible while also providing great assistance while traveling.

    I am definitely a BB addict.
    10-04-11 02:32 PM
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    I love my 9700 and have no plans to upgrade in the near future. Does what I need and does it well.
    10-04-11 10:21 PM
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    Absolutely true it has been a workhorse. Not a single complaint after two solid years and going strong..

    My only issue is that it doesn't handle upgrades well - Such as OS 6.0 that takes too much memory and app world 3 that doesn't even work, so I stick with the older versions.
    10-04-11 10:26 PM
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    I have my 9650 and I'm in the same boat. Great battery due to seidio but it does what I need. Bbm friends across the pond in Scotland. No need to upgrade as of yet.

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    10-04-11 10:30 PM
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    I loved my 9700. I used it constantly for two years. It was and is just a fantastic device. I still keep it as a back up. I can't bring myself to sell it.

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    10-04-11 10:34 PM