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    I'm having a strange wifi issue with my 9700 on OS 5.0.

    I can connect to wifi networks that us a pre shared key; (like my connection at home), no problem. However, when I try to connect to to a public(open)wifi network, it connects, but the icon stays grey. If I check my service status, wifi is checked, but instead of a green check on the right side, it's a white dash. If I go to wifi options, the network name will have that green antena logo next to it, but no green check, just a white dash. This seems to happen with all public wifi networks, including ones I had no trouble connecting to previously.

    I'm not getting any data transfer either. I was recently at a hotel with a weak cell signal. When the cell signal would drop, no dice from the wifi.

    I'm on

    Any ideas?
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    No ideas on this one?
    09-27-11 08:54 AM