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    Hi everyone,

    my problem with my 9700 and wifi has been consistant since the day i bought it.
    I dont know if it's the unit or the Lynksys router wrt 160n.

    I have no problem connecting to wifi with the bb, but something happens every 2 or 3 days that causes my bb to not be able to reconnect when I get home unless I redo the wifi set up. My connection is still there but only grey wifi symbol and no acces to internet using wifi, it reverts back to mobile network (3G).
    I have played with the router and sercurity settings from manual, to password protected and any variation I can try. My Blackberry has "allow inter acccess point hanover" checked off along with "ssid broadcasted" and automatically optain ip address and dns.
    I dont know if I should boot my router for a better one or what? I think my router is fairly current but either the router or BB is resetting something every couple days and I have no idea what it is, its driving me mad!

    Any ideas?
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