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    I am trying to get my 9700 to sync with my Win 7 Pro (64 bit) computer. I can pair the 9700 to the computer - both through the "add a device" wizard on the computer and through the "configure bluetooth" in the Blackberry Desktop Manager connection settings. I type the numeric codes back and forth and I still can't get it to sync.

    I think I have narrowed in on the problem:
    I only have two services - DUN and remote control

    On my 9700 I try to go into the options under "Desktop" (the name of my paired computer) and Serial Port Profile is checked, but Desktop Connectivity and Wireless Bypass are greyed out. All other services are checked.

    Any ideas what went wrong?

    I have read several different threads on here about drivers and ports (no idea what they are talking about vis-a-vis ports), but I seem to think my problem is related to the greyed out services.

    How do I fix this?

    03-24-10 06:59 PM