1. shoaib1's Avatar
    9530 blackberry verizon My storm was working fine all day i used the gps texting used it as

    a modem all that good stuff then,

    i took it out of my pocket at work when i went to lunch and its a black screen..

    i did several battery pulls as well as took the memory card and sim card out got nothing..

    its on cause if i cover it with my hands the back light is lit up a little as well as the

    buttons and i know its still on because even tho i have the network contections off my

    alarm went off this morning but i couldnt turn it off...possible software problem with the

    video card....cause like i said it was working fine no problems?????
    plz help me above problem how to solve??????????///
    10-03-11 10:25 AM
  2. blackberry-unlocking710's Avatar
    The best thing it's to take it to a repair shop.
    You can try to wipe using a software but it can also be some hardware problem such as the screen cable or something like that.
    10-03-11 08:38 PM