1. thebbnoob's Avatar
    Anyone know how I can fix this? It occurs when I try to download an app.
    01-16-12 05:57 PM
  2. alegirtasz's Avatar
    It's definately soft error. I don't know why it is happening but I solved it then reinstalling soft. I think you upgraded your OS and then this started to happen. I spotted that OS sometimes writes with error - I men everything is OK when U upgrade but it comes with some kind of bugs like this error. My app world dissapeared several times and after 5th time of writting OS everything went good and no I have no error. Once again - I don't know but I see only one solution - wipe your device and write new OS, it can take several times to write it. To me it took 5 times of writting and then everything was good.
    Sorry for my english but I hope you understood what I mean GL
    04-22-12 06:11 AM