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    I've done a million different things and followed many threads but still have issues with wifi. My school has a wireless network all over campus. I can connect and get gray logo, but can't browse
    I can connect and sometimes get the black and white wifi logo, but still can't browse.
    Only when it connects to UMA can I browse at wifi speeds. No, I can not adjust or reset the router because it is owned by the university.
    I've upgraded, wiped my wifi settings, resent service books...I can't imagine I'm missing something.
    I want to blame it on the weak sensitivity of the 8900s wifi antenna, but I've gotten UMA at -75dBm and other times only gotten the gray logo at -50 dBm

    It is my understanding that as long as you have the wifi network name on your home screen, then you are connected and should be able to browse. I really hope someone comes in here and says "if you can only browse on UMA, here's what you need to do to browse once you are simply connected"
    Let me also say that it would be fine if only it connected to UMA 100% of the time. It will rarely go UMA and even then it is intermittent and has to reconnect :/

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    05-12-09 02:59 PM