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    All the forums I saw for this were old, so I thought I would repost. I am traveling overseas and I want to use my 8830 over there. I am more than happy to pay for VZ Nav international, however someone from Verizon Global Team told me only the tour and storm use vz nav. But I've seen the local edition on a 8830. Does anyone know if I can get Navigator global for my phone. Thanks a lot!
    03-19-10 11:06 PM
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    From I have been able to find, what you have been told is true.

    Go to the link provided and scroll to the download section. You will see that only Storm, Storm2 and Tour are available for the global version as Blackberry goes.

    Non BB devices are HTC Touch Pro 2 and Imagio. These are both Windows based devices.

    NVNavigator Global
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    03-20-10 08:16 AM
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    Also, it depends on where you go, if it will be available at all.
    03-21-10 08:26 PM