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    Hey all,

    I am a Verizon subscriber, and my new every two is ready for use, so I have decided to take the plunge and go with a Smartphone. I will be sticking with Verizon because it is far and away the best network in Virginia, particularly in my area - so changing carriers isn't an option.

    With that out of the way, originally I was planning to get a Motorola Q. I would get the original, not the 9m, because I don't particularly like the media-centric interface of the 9m. Media usage is not something I will be doing much of, other than perhaps an occasional online video or music stream.

    I was all set to buy the Q, but then found a lot of people complaining about it. The consensus seemed to be that its cool, and that its form factor and aesthetics rock, but that it is, for lack of a better term, a bit flaky. Namely, it crashes, and experiences frequent slowdowns. I also found out there is some kind of deal where the Blackberry data package is 30/mo, vs. 40/mo for the Q. So, I have begun considering the Blackberry 8830 (I don't want the Pearl, I want a real keyboard).

    So now, I'm clueless. Both the Q and the 8830 seem like good phones, and I'm just not sure which fits my needs better. So I figured I'd list those needs here, in order of importance, and see what people think.

    1) Good voice phone - This is my #1 need. My cell phone is a phone first, so I need it to excel at being a phone, including having voice dialing, speakerphone, bluetooth support, and good reception.

    2) Internet Browsing - I want to be able to browse the web - mainly to check news, weather, and so forth, but also occasionally a more complex site, such as a message board, YouTube, or Mapquest. I want a phone that will use the EV-DO network for internet browsing.

    3) PIM features - I need the phone to sync with Outlook at my office. I need it to sync my calendar, contacts, and tasks.

    4) Mac support - I have a Mac at home, so I need Mac support to at least be an option. I understand there are third party programs that cover this for both devices.

    5) Instant Messaging - I want a phone that will support the major protocols - for me, AIM is the biggie. I want it to be done over the internet, and not through text messaging, as I won't have a TXT message package.

    6) E-mail - E-mail is important for me, but I put it low on the list because I don't need anything fancy. I just need POP access to my work e-mail, and IMAP for my personal Gmail account. Manual checking or checking every hour or whatever is fine for my use - fancy push features aren't needed.

    7) Camera - I don't care about a camera. I'd actually rather not have one - so no need to consider that a negative of the Blackberry.

    8) Customizations - I'd like to have some 3rd party software options, maybe a few games or something, but nothing major.

    Ok, given that list.. what do people think? Q or 8830 for my uses? I don't need any of the "world phone" functionality of the 8830, though I suppose its nice its there in case it ever comes up.

    Any assistance would be hugely appreciated!
    12-11-07 12:05 PM
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    I was in the same boat as you a few years back when I first was hunting for a Smartphone! I have used boh a 7250 from VZW and now an 8320 from TMO. The only issues with the 88xx series that people have complaineed about is too low of ringer volume. Everything on your list can be done using a BB and there a bunch of 3rd party apps out there. Now if 3rd party apps are a HUGE part of your desicion I would steer you towards the Q as WM has more than BB. However, as you stated constant crashes are a big issue with WM devices. I obviously chose a BB for my needs and have not looked back!
    12-11-07 12:13 PM
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    How about web browsing.. I've seen some mention that Mobile IE is better at that than the BB browser. My dad also reported web browsing being not too useful on his BB because he gets a lot of messages stating the page is formatted properly for the device. I know a WAP page is preferable, but I want my phone to have some mechanism of displaying non-WAP pages as well.
    12-11-07 01:40 PM
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    Given what you've listed Id say the 8830 is your best option. Its rock solid stable.
    12-11-07 01:46 PM
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    I too had the same decision to make just a few weeks ago, but I ended up going with the 8830 based on the design priority of the device. The 8830 seemed to be designed with email, calendar, and phone functions in mind while the Q seemed to be more for the media and phone functions (the calendar features felt almost like an afterthought). That said, I am having issues with not hearing the ringers quite often, and with the mp3 player crashing the device as well as not having a stereo headphone jack. I would suggest springing for the Micro SDHC. I bought the 4 gig one and it seems to be doing the trick for my storage needs.
    12-11-07 02:00 PM
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    I'm also on Verizon and coming from a WM device(xv6700) and I must say that I don't miss it one bit. WM is prone to all of the problems you discussed and then some. Blackberry is so much easier to use and rock solid IMO. My brother in law has the Q and he has become fustrated with it. If web browsing is a major issue you can always get Opera Mini for BB. You can also try out the phones for 30 days and see which one you like most.
    12-11-07 02:26 PM
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    it is initially low...go to sounds and as you are playing one of the ringtones use the volume keys to up the volume....the ringtone will now play louder when in use as your ringtone...
    02-17-08 10:48 AM
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    I just received my Red 8830 last week & I love it. I am also on Verizon. I was considering the Q & Treo during my research but found there were way too many people complaining about their WM devices.

    The only problem for me is the web browser. Someone suggested Opera mini for your device. Apparently Opera mini is not supported on Verizon's platform. I hear Firefox is developing a mobile version of their browser. it's a minor issue at most.
    02-17-08 11:46 AM
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    Opera Mini is not offerred on Verizon's BREW platform. I hope this will change in the future since Opera Mini is now available for BREW phones.

    For the Q, however, you just need JVM. Once you have that, you can install Opera Mini. I used IBM's J9 on my Q, but I understand there is a better one available now.

    Look on Opera's forums for posts by Menneisys (I think that's correct). He has outlined the JVMs to use for various devices, and how to set them up.
    02-17-08 02:33 PM
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    I too am a vzw user and a bb from q user I hated my q almost from day one and went through 3 of them and raised enough **** with vzw to let me upgrade to the 8830 and have had no problems at all with it best smartphone on the network don't under any circumstances get the q worst smartphone I have ever used. The lack of a camera is far worth the reliability I gained getting into the blackberry. The browsers emulation mode fixes most site errors for me but I am waiting for mozilla to finish firefox mobile for blackberry.
    Good luck

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    02-18-08 03:34 AM
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    You mentioned youtube. I don't think that will work nativly with either phone.

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    02-18-08 04:36 AM