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    I had a 9650 and got rid of it for a Fascinate, and I miss it like crazy. My 30 days are up, so this is most likely my phone for the next 2 years, but I want a BlackBerry. My friend said he would sell me his 8830 for Verizon for $30. My main thing is that I want a BlackBerry, but I don't want to spend a lot of money. A few questions:

    1. Would I have a lot of trouble with the phone? (Would it be slow, etc) Does it compare to the 9650 at all?
    2. Can I BBM on it?
    3. Should I go for it, or should I pay a little more and get an 8330?
    4. My Fascinate battery life is terrible - what's the battery like?
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    The 8830 was replaced by the 9630 Tour and the Tour was replaced by the 9650 Bold. It will be old and slow, but there are folks still using them.

    BBM should continue to work on this device but I don't remember whether they ever released OS 5 for the device, so you could be lef without some of the newer features.

    The 8330 is still an older device and I don't believe either that or the 8830 supports EVDO Rev a, a faster data standard that the Tour, Bold, and Fascinae will all have.

    I'd keep my eyes peeled for a used Tour or 9650 Bold if it were me. Also keep in mind switching back and forth between devices on one account might get to be a hassle if you're thinking of doing it that way.
    10-31-10 03:34 PM