View Poll Results: Which BlackBerry did you buy?

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  • 8830 World Phone or Curve

    6 46.15%
  • 8130 Pearl 2 or 8100 Pearl

    7 53.85%
  1. Idaho Outlaw's Avatar
    Two part question. Primarily directed toward the CDMA Berry's, but not to exclude the GSM guys/gals:

    1. Which berry did you buy, and why?

    2. Are their any Pearl/Pearl 2 owner's that regret the smaller screen size and keyboard?
    11-13-07 07:23 PM
  2. Idaho Outlaw's Avatar
    A whole day, 48 views, and no one even votes...WTF?
    11-14-07 06:57 PM
  3. daddybear's Avatar
    i think the poll is flawed.... it should be 8830 or 8130 (both verizon for instance) or... curve or 8100 (both at&t..)

    you basically are asking...would you rather have a 8830we with verizon or curve with at&t...

    well i can't (or wont) switch providers for a phone (even the you hear me apple..?)and so the 8830we looks a lot more appealing becasue I can get it.

    I know i am not alone in this boat either... I know people can and do switch providers but for some of us its not that or family or location dictates that alot...

    therefore..i think the poll is difficult to land on one side or the other...


    just a thought...
    11-15-07 05:39 AM
  4. Fbrn's Avatar
    if you are comparing the 8130 to the 8830 then it is an easy vote for me because i have had both and love the 8130. it runs smoother and the signal is better. Love the new OS. i can make a better comparison when the OS gets updated on the 8830. I am already use to the suretype and it has definitely improved alot. The keyboard on the 8830 was very difficult for me to use one-handed. However the 8130 is excellent to use one-handed. Having a camera is excellent even in a business meeting because i can take pictures of a drawing or technical print and have all the information at my finder tips. The camera and video are excellent in my opinion.
    However if we bring the curve into the mix then my vote would probably change. I have only used my friends for a little bit and was immediately wanting one. Everything about the curve was a million times better than the 8830.
    11-15-07 05:55 AM
  5. cant live witout my bb's Avatar
    I chose the 8130. I was toying around with the thought of purchasing the 8830we, but the pearl2 has a camera. It was a no brainer for me. I upgraded from a 7130e, so I didn't have to adjust to the half qwerty board. The screen is smaller, but I just made the fonts bigger. The keyboard is perfect 4me because I like to text/type w my thumb.

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    11-15-07 06:23 AM
  6. shenders99's Avatar
    I just went from the 8830 to the 8130 and love it.

    I though I would hate it but it is great. I am not one to sit and type on it for hours so the key board doesn't bother me. I carry alot of files around with me so the SDHC compatibility is great. The camera is good to.
    11-15-07 06:31 AM