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    I've had my 8830 for a few months now, and when I have the time to play around with it I've tried to add pictures and even a few mp3 files. It will only allow me to put about 10 pics on my BB before it says not enough memory available. Is this correct??? The crappy booklet that it came with does not mention memory space, but I was told that there is 4GB worth on it. Is this true? And if so what is taking up all the memory? I'd like to solve this problem before I sink money on a microSD card. What's the fun of having one of these things if I can't use all of its features? Thanks for your help!
    12-30-07 10:04 PM
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    How Many Apps Do You Have??
    12-30-07 10:05 PM
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    The 4GB of memory you were told about is located on the MicroSD card, and is only available for Media usage. To see how much memory that is available on your phone [options > scroll down to "status' > enter]
    NB. The 88XX series only comes with 64MB of memory.
    12-31-07 01:24 AM
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    The 8800 & 8300 device only have about 64 MEG of memory on the device. Not 4 gig. 4 Gig requires you to purchase a memory card. Any microSD card of 4 gig or less seem to work ok now. 6 & 8 gig are on the market and should be supported in ver 4.3 of the BB OS.

    Now... not ALL of the device memory can be allocated to music and pics. By default, the media memory on the 8800 & 8300 are limited to 12 MEG.. not GIG. This can be increased to 15 meg with an option setting. So even though the Status screen says you have memory left, there may not be memory for media. These devices try to keep some memory free for data too.

    As was mentioned, if you want to store more music, video & pics, add the microSD card and put all your media there. A few apps have come along lately that are putting some data on the SD card. But there are still not very many. Hopefully, this will be an improvement in a future OS update.
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    12-31-07 04:10 PM
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    I had that very same problem on my 8820 until I did a Wipe. I haven't had a problem since (two weeks and counting).
    01-02-08 09:57 AM