1. Heine57's Avatar
    I'm debating on whether I want to go with the new Curve from ATT or go with the 8703e from Sprint because I hear the phone is amazing. The reason I like the 8703e is mainly because the keys are easier to type with because I have fat fingers and I don't like the version that ATT has because of the color. Just curious if any of you went from an 8703e to a Curve or what benefits (if any) going to Sprint would give me.
    06-04-08 01:47 PM
  2. jenaywins's Avatar
    ATT offers the Curve in a deep red or titanium, so colour really can't be that big of an issue.

    If the only reason you want to go with the 8703 is because of the keys, I would definitely recommend the Curve. It's just a much better phone all around. It is newer, has many improvements, is beautiful (yes, I said it).... And the qwerty keyboard on it works just fine for people with "fat fingers."
    06-04-08 03:57 PM
  3. brothamoveson's Avatar
    You should have no problems with the Curve I have seen many different size fingers use them.
    06-04-08 04:00 PM
  4. ashantiblack's Avatar
    I had a 8703e and just switched to the sCurve. Good fone all round, it took me a while to get used to the keys

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    06-04-08 07:31 PM