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    So my lady has a Sprint BB 8530 Curve with no cellular service. She likes to use it for facebook and surfing around the house. I have a DLink DIR-655 wireless draft n router running WPA/WPA2 encryption, netowrk named ScrufNet. The BB was connecting fine to ScrufNet until I did some shuffling around of the network with adding a different router, and renamed the new router ScrufNet, and the old one DawgNet. Both are running WPA/WPA2. Now no matter what I do, I connect get internet on the BB while connected to either of them. I've connected to both network with my android phone, and multiple laptops, no problems, internet works great.

    I downloaded the BB Desktop Manager and updated the phone to the latest OS and it still doesnt work.

    The phone shows the network name on its home screen, but the WiFi icon on the right is still grayed out. It will switch to WiFi when running the browser, but its still grayed out. Also, I can log into the routers and the BB is never listed under connected devices, even though, according to the BB network properties, it has been assigned an IP and has DNS IPs listed.

    If I connect to my neighbors Open router it works fine, but I dont want to have to rely on that router staying around.

    Any ideas on what to check?

    Also, for another thing to try, how do you assign a static IP and static DNS IP to this phone?

    01-29-12 04:48 PM