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    So I just got this phone when we changed carriers to Sprint from T-Mobile. I miss my Javelin, but I digress. Few things have me confused about this phone and I was wondering if its a Blackberry problem or a Sprint issue.

    GPS - some apps work with it, some do not, and those that do work are so amazingly poor it renders them almost useless. Google Maps no longer gets closer than a cell tower, Sprint Nav loses the satellite when I'm not in a major metro city, and my Intellinav GPS tracker is lucky to find me once a day. GPS is a big issue for me as a truck driver. Intellinav and Google Maps used to work great on my Jav. Weather programs can no longer find me either.

    Sprint Email - I set it up fine, it works ok....however there's no icon for the mailbox, the messages only end up in my generic "messages" bulk email/SMS/BBM folder. Not only that, when I compose an email, its not listed as an option to use to send. What happened here?

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    03-03-10 05:07 AM
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    The problem as far as gps goes may be your PRL. Have sprint look to make sure the most up to date PRL is on the phone.
    As far as email if it is registered you can send no problem. Sometimes the folder will be hidden inside another folder. Check them all for it. Try repushing your email thru again. Do this. Go to options then to advance options then host routing table. In there hit the menu key and go to register now. After that go back to options then to mobile network. In there hit menu key and update profile. This should do the trick. Hope this helps
    03-03-10 06:00 AM