1. Cougar281's Avatar
    I just got a Sprint Curve 8530 to replace my 8330. The problem I'm having is when I pair it up to my PC via Bluetooth, I get a driver install error (Bluetooth Peripheral Device - No Driver Found). It can't find the driver anywhere, although I had desktop manager v5.0.1 installed. Also tried removing the Desktop manager and installing the latest driver pack from Blackberry, still doesn't work. Any thoughts?
    01-21-10 04:18 PM
  2. pinllc's Avatar
    I had the same problem when I tried to pair my new Curve 8530 (Sprint) with my PC that has bluetooth. The devices were able to "see" each other and even connect but I haven't been successful "pushing" files from the computer to the phone or vice versa. Have you had any more luck with your problem? I have no idea what the driver message is about even though I got the same one. I am running Windows Vista SP1.
    02-15-10 12:17 AM
  3. donnie1581's Avatar
    After you pair your device, click on your bluetooth connections to show bluetooth devices. Right click your black berry and go to properties. On the hardeware tab you will see two drivers not working. Select one of the drivers and click on properties. Go to driver and select update driver. Select the manual option. Select Ports. Scroll til you find RIM or Research In Motion and select RIM V2. Install and do the same for the second driver. Boom your done.
    12-28-10 02:06 PM