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    I am new to Blackberry but not new to Bluetooth devices and pairing them with phones.

    I have been a big fan of the Plantronics 510 wireless headset and have used it on several phones without incident.

    However, as I have paired it with the 8530, it is not allowing all of the features to connect.

    I can send and receive calls through the P510, however, ring tones, keystrokes, text, IM, etc are all sounding through the phone itself and not the wireless headset. I have already "missed" a few incoming calls as the only notification I get through the headset is a mild "beep" while the phone rings. As I work in a very noisy environment, the same applies for email, text, and IM notifications except NO beep at all through the headset.

    I have paired probably 7 different wireless headsets to about 5 different phones over the past 6 years and this is the first time I have ever experienced this issue.

    I can't imagine that it is by design as it would not make practical sense to wear a wireless earpiece and have the actual phone ring and tone alerts without going through the bluetooth headset.

    I have tried pairing it with my original P 510 as well as my new P 510 Pro and the results are the same.

    Anyone know how to resolve this?

    ((PS, I called Blackberry FROM my P 510 device while paired with the 8530 and explained to the technician that the conversation was taking place through the device, but received no relief as they simply wanted me to delete and re-pair to see if it resolved the issue))
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    I have successfully paired to a friends Palm Pre and Iphone and all ringers and sounds go through the wireless device.

    On a whim, I plugged in the wired stereo headset that came with the 8530, however, it did not work any differently.
    02-14-10 11:03 AM
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    Great description of your issue! So, did re-pairing do anything?

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    02-14-10 02:54 PM
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    Great description of your issue! So, did re-pairing do anything?

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    No, unfortunately as far as my 8530 is concerned, the issue is unresolved.

    I had mentioned pairing against other smartphones (as this is my first smartphone ownership and had previous paired to a variety of other bluetooth enabled phones without incident) and now it concerns me more that a Pre or IPhone instantly allowed the wireless headset to receive ringers, tones, alerts, etc.

    So, anyone have a solution?
    02-14-10 06:22 PM
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    go into Bluetooth options on your device....scroll down and make sure all the boxes are ticked and save....maybe that will help
    02-14-10 07:50 PM