1. penfoldluvsit's Avatar
    hi my bb 852 was given to me and never had a lcd in the handset? ,so my question is how do i find out how to get the right lcd ? when i do not know the correct lcd number ...
    i do know that there are different types of lcd for this device 4 or 5 why so many lol
    i was a nokia engineer and at least we knew we had one screen for one phone lol
    there are numbers on the front and back of this 8520 but can they help me ? if anyone can help i would be extremely happy thanks
    03-27-12 02:50 PM
  2. RoseBud68's Avatar
    The info or number are stamped on the back of the LCD screen, you will need to disassemble the phone in order to see it.
    03-27-12 03:30 PM