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    A couple of weeks ago whilst showing Wordmole who's boss the app crashed and took the phone with it. I got back onto the phone and got back onto the game and it crashed again, and then the phone died with exception uncaught error 7 >= 7 displaying a security check running and then it going to a white screen with App Error 523 displaying.

    Basically, I cannot connect to it via the desktop manager (hadnt been using it before, but trying now) and whilst I can hold the escape key down during boot up and see that it is trying to sync with the PC or whatever, it still goes to the 523 error.

    I desperately need info from the Memo Pad, and would like to get the images stored on there off too... but I cannot get to the phone to access them... Contacts i'd like, but can live without if I have to... but definitely desperately need to get back into the phone for the files... much important documents in there!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    10-11-11 06:43 AM
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    Welcome to BlackBerry. This is what happens sometimes. Use the BlackBerry 101 on this site for how to fix a nuked berry. It will help you reload your OS and get it working again. If you didn't back up, your data is gone...

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    10-11-11 07:27 AM
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    Didn't back up, because Desktop Manager stopped my PC from working, so I literally
    couldn't mess with anything to do with that. Have only now installed it at work... but surely there's a way to access the data? The phone gets past the virgin logo coming up, and sort of shows the "desktop" equivalent... particularly if connected and ESC is held down. So I know that the data is still on there... is there no way that I could take the Ram out and access it via another phone as a secondary memory or something? (sorry, no idea what the memory in these things look like)... The phone is insured so I am not worried about it being damaged in the process.
    10-11-11 07:34 AM
  4. Universon's Avatar
    Has anyone used BBSAK?
    Is there any way to literally get back your image folder and memo pad folder?
    That's pretty much all I want... Convo histories would be a nice thing, but the first two really..... the memo pad the most essential
    10-11-11 08:52 AM