1. olcurt's Avatar
    Is there a bluetooth compatible push to talk option?
    01-29-10 03:51 PM
  2. olcurt's Avatar
    I don't care about using it thru my car stereo, only want to use the ptt without having to fumble for my cell phone. I am just looking for a compatible bluetooth to purchase.
    01-29-10 03:59 PM
  3. bow40's Avatar
    Not that we have heard of yet. If nextel ever comes back big I could imagine a bt maker putting a button it. Then we could all look funny pokeing ourselves in the ear as we talk to our selves

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    01-29-10 04:51 PM
  4. olcurt's Avatar
    PTT is not really something I desire, but unfortunately my company uses it.
    01-29-10 04:53 PM
  5. shank69xo's Avatar
    I'm in the same boat. PTT was cool at one time, but now I'm ready to drop it and get some type of 3G compatible BB, but my company on the other hand is still gung-** about PTT. I have waited for years to see a PTT headset, I don't think we ever will see one.
    01-30-10 04:45 PM
  6. brooklynman2020's Avatar
    sooner or later they would have to come up with a bluetooth for that since all mobile driving rules being changed.
    01-30-10 04:54 PM
  7. JF4K1X13's Avatar
    You could always get the wired headset off the sprint site. They have a PTT headset, I think it was 15 or 20 bucks last time I checked... heres the link just if you want to check. theres actually a few on there...
    Sprint - All Accessories

    It's the only alternative I could think of. It really is a pain in the **** when driving and you randomly hear "BEEP BEEP... hey where you at?" and you cant find your phone quick enough to reply... but just figured I'd add the link up for those who are interested.
    01-31-10 08:52 PM
  8. RunMonkeyRun's Avatar
    I have the Jabra and it actually works great, sucks that its wired but hey atleast it works really good with the ptt function and it doesn't suck up so much battery power on the blackberry.

    Just can't figure out how to just set the ptt for my dispatch like the motorola mike phones automatically when I press it.

    Anyone know where to get the Jabra C510 in Markham, Ontario,
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    02-09-10 11:30 PM
  9. seigfredm's Avatar
    Anyone know where to get the Jabra C510 in Markham, Ontario,
    It's in Markham, Ontario.... JK
    02-10-10 03:50 PM