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    Hello fellow "crackers". Hee hee. I just thought I would share some info about wi-fi and iden 8350. I have had my Boostberry for roughly 6 months. I had a 7100i first, then upgraded to the 8350i. Got it flashed & everything was VERY rosy UNTIL I tried to use the wi-fi connection. I could connected VERY well @ McDonald's, Border's...even COMCAST's router. (No disrespect, folks...) Lighting fast. When I come home...damn. My U-verse gateway would see the BB, but would NOT maintain the connection. I basically gave up after reading countless posts 2 months ago. Then today I went back into the settings and stumbled upon this:

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    The circled option has a tendency to "break" the connection for some reason or not allow you on at all.

    When I changed this to "unprotected" my wi-fi magically started working again:

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    NOW the bad news : I just learned recently that regardless of this option, the reason that the gray wi-fi light doesn't come on is because ALL of the data is going through RIM's servers (hence BIS/BES/ BB messenger). I haven't tested this theory yet, but they might be throttling us down because we don't have the data plan, folks.
    I'll test this in the coming weeks. Hope this helps.
    09-24-10 01:10 AM