1. Raleigh's Avatar
    I just bought a freedom 2000 based on the forum notes...great little device. It links to the 8330 fine via bluetooth but I can not get BBMaps to show my location! Am I doing something wrong? I also saw in a thread that under menu/options there should be an option to change device type to external. I do not have this option at all. How do I get it?

    Really want to get to use this device!

    by the way, google maps seems to know right where I am. How does that work?
    07-30-08 11:31 AM
  2. Raleigh's Avatar
    Ahhh! the key here is to go under Options (the equalizer looking thing) and then go under Advance Settings and find GPS device and set it to the one you paired (i.e. Freedom GPS 2000) then you get the option for GPS device on BB Maps.
    07-30-08 12:36 PM