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    I know there are tons of threads on this site and other sites about wifi, but I'm still not doing something right. I've set up the wifi that I have at my apt onto my phone...and it says I'm connected and it says "uma" and "wifi" at the top of the screen but when I try to go into something, it won't work. For example, when I try to go onto facebook it'll say "A connection cannot be established to the Facebook server" I'm not sure what I haven't done, or did wrong here. When I click on the "blackberry app world" it says "upgrade your service to a plan that includes browsing and discover a world of possibilities at Blackberry App World. Contact your service provider for more details"

    But lots of other people seem to be using their blackberry wifi without a data plan....

    03-17-10 12:33 AM
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    1. Facebook is broken. (On everyones phone pretty much)
    2. Your service has to unlock wifi for you. So it may not work no matter what you do.

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    03-17-10 06:58 AM
  3. Flyingbee13's Avatar
    Should I bring my phone in and have them unlock the wifi? Does that mean pay extra for wifi hot spot or something?

    UGH I know nothing...
    03-17-10 04:34 PM