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    My phone was recently stolen 8310 BB Curve and was replaced with a BB 9300 3G. I also bidded on a used BB 8310 curve and won what I am doing is use the 8310 for everday use and the 9300 for Sunday-go-to-meeting-use sorta' speak. The 9300 is all set-up and running so is the 8310 all I have to do is swap sim cards the I downladed loaded Blakberry App World on my Desktop and loaded it to the 8310 I have a message comming up saying "Your system administrator has preventedinstallation of third partyapplications on thisdevice. Contact your administratorfor details." Since this a private owned phone now I feel ther might be a setting that can be changed in Options - Security that will allow me to download apps as I stated before I downloaded BB App World through the data cable using my desktop. Anyone have a suggestion? If I can't do it so-be-it the phone works well and it is a spare phone.
    11-20-10 08:08 PM
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    Yes, you have an IT Policy on this phone and it needs to be removed. You can follow these instructions to remove it. Note, this will wipe the device clean of any content:


    hope this helps
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    11-20-10 08:18 PM