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    Ok, so my BlackBerry Curve 8310 from AT&T originally came with BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) loaded into it. It was working fine and everything. I accidently deleted the BBM application and now I'm trying to reinstall it. First, I tried going to BlackBerry's actual BBM site to download the software (OTA) onto my phone but that didn't work. So then I called up BlackBerry support and they really couldn't help me but one of their reps told me to:

    -Download a BBM .zip file
    -Extract it's contents
    -Connect my BlackBerry to my computer (via USB)
    -Open Desktop Manager (which was downloaded from a CD that came with my phone)
    -Click on Application Loader
    -And then open the extracted contents and transfer them to my BlackBerry by clicking "Add" once in App. Loader

    But that didn't work either. I have BlackBerry OS 4.2. I've seen others post about similar issues but not exactly my issue.

    Is there anyone that can help me get BBM back onto my phone?
    If you need anymore details, feel free to ask!


    P.S - BlackBerry's download site did not work for me and neither did the Desktop Manager/.Zip File attempt.
    05-30-08 08:49 PM
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    It sound like you need to download and install the phone Operating System on your PC

    Get it here

    Once installed (close DM) before you do.
    Go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Reasearch In Motion\Apploader and delete a file called vendor.xml

    Now open DM, connect BB, click application loader, put a check in the box for BBM and continue through til it's done

    If the OS is already installed on your PC you can skip the download. Just keep in mind there is a DM 4.2 and an OS 4.2, make sure you have both.
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    05-30-08 08:56 PM
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    Thanks so much!
    05-30-08 09:08 PM
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    Which one should I click on the drop-down menu?
    05-30-08 09:09 PM
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    Which one should I click on the drop-down menu?
    Blackberry 8310 TM
    05-30-08 09:20 PM