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    i posted this is in the tour forum but i'm also putting it in here in case anyone can help me.

    all day today i've been trying to fix my tour since i upgraded OTA last night. first i had the problem of waaaay less memory. after several battery pulls that suddenly resolved. all seemed to be well, that is until i synced with my computer. i suddenly had duplicate calendar entries. so i go through all involved with removing them (which i've done before) and after several attempts i finally got that fixed. then i checked outlook...it was empty! seriously this is ridiculous! through DM it says it is supposed to sync with outlook but it won't. looking in my tour i have 5 calendar options, my 4 email accounts which have always been there and a new one called default. it's the color of default that appears on my BB. the one entry i added fell under one of my email calendars and that is the only entry in outlook. WTF?!! what i am missing here? i even did a restore and it still won't out anything back on outlook.

    oh, and if BB can create colors for various calendars why can't it sync colors from outlook? sorry just me ******** about my main problem with BB.
    11-22-09 08:37 PM
  2. dag99's Avatar
    Go to Options - Advanced Options - Default Services and make sure you have the correct email address that you use for your calendar selected as the default.

    If that doesn't work then reload your service books.
    11-22-09 08:52 PM
  3. kmc979's Avatar
    already tried that. the calendar listed as default is the one with only one entry. everything. in calendar there are 5 listed, one says default. in advanced options - default services it lists my 4 email address. when i select the one it's supposed to be it only syncs that one entry, not the other 700. i've tried it will each email address just to see what would happen and nothing does. i've resent service books 3 times
    11-22-09 09:50 PM
  4. dag99's Avatar
    I had the same problem after a recent upgrade.

    As suggested above, I (1) resent the service books then (2) did a battery pull then (3) reset my calendar defaults and everything was back to normal. If that doesn't work then i'm not sure how to help.
    11-22-09 09:57 PM
  5. FF22's Avatar
    What you can try is following the advice that someone else posted to merge calendars:

    "I just thought I'd mention this because I finally figured out how to fix my calendar issue. The problem happens when you have a today theme and all your calendar entries are listed under device default which you cant change and which wont appear on a today theme.

    Now unless you want to remove every single entry and put them in again one by one or bother with syncing that's fine.

    In less then a minute, however, the calendar issue can be fixed. Open the calendar. Hit the options menu. And with it open just type the word "move." It will then ask you to confirm the move to your email address. Select "yes." Then save and exit. You need to do a battery pull to have the changes take effect. After months of trying to do this very thing, I ran into the solution today. And I am so happy now. Just thought I'd share my happiness."
    11-22-09 11:27 PM
  6. kmc979's Avatar
    that is an awesome trick and it did move all my calendar entries to what is listed in default services but it still won't sync with outlook. through DM-backup and restore-advanced, there is only "calendar - all", no just "calendar". correct me if i'm wrong but isn't there supposed to be both? maybe that's the problem?
    11-23-09 07:55 AM
  7. FF22's Avatar
    I'm not an expert on any of this calendar syncing stuff. I never used Outlook till I got a BB and don't know the ins-outs of how to make Outlook select one particular calendar and/or which one it decides to sync with. Maybe there is some outlook setting. Or check the various Desktop Manager sync options. Make sure that the sync-ing is occurring in the direction you want and/or reconciling YOUR way.
    11-23-09 09:26 AM