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    hey everyone.. so here's my problem

    i have the Bold 9700 for t-mobile. i just updated to .593 a few weeks ago and no complaints. i've used my GPS before with this phone and the older operating system without any problems. worked fine with BB Maps and google maps. This is the first time i've used the GPS since i updated so i think thats possibly the problem. i've searched these forums and the internet and have tried the fixes like going into options>status and typing TEST and running the diagnostics just on the GPS, outside a building, with absolutely no clouds in the sky (i live in south florida, awesome beach weekend lol). it searches for the satellite, but "times out" cuz it doesnt acquire the satellite.

    under my options>advanced options, everything seems to be right, even walked thru with tmobile's tech support and blackberry's tech support and all setting are correct with them:

    GPS data source is device GPS
    GPS Service is location ON
    Location data and aiding are both enabled

    i choose to refresh GPS and it wont find the satellites still

    i even went into host routing with tech support and they said i was correct with the settings

    they also did some cute "resetting the network" connection with my blackberry that didnt seem to work either.

    they checked coverage issues in my area but i been traveling all over south florida the past few days so it cant be orlando on down is out with GPS

    ive also deleted google maps just to see if that was the problem, still no GPS

    my last 2 options are to connect to desktop manager and delete then reload BB maps and if that doesnt work, either reload .593 or downgrade to the previous OS which was like .400 something..

    now i have to get to a PC, cuz im cool and i use only macs lol.. you'd figure blackberry or apple would have a version of desktop manager i could use to upgrade my BB's OS but nope.. thanks steve jobs

    anywho, anyone have similar problems or can suggest anything i havent tried before i have to reload the OS or if reloading the OS will help..

    thanks crackheads!
    05-02-10 04:56 PM
  2. fatboy97's Avatar
    Suggest you reload your OS.
    05-02-10 06:37 PM
  3. mi_canuck's Avatar
    Battery pull...

    If that doesn't work sell it

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    05-02-10 08:32 PM
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    Are you inside a building? lol.
    05-02-10 09:44 PM
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    I have the same problem, Google Maps works with network location not GPS.
    05-02-10 10:32 PM
  6. illrock82's Avatar
    Battery pull...
    Yup did that too. Just ran the loader to reinstall .593 and still same problem. Guess I'll try downgrading the OS and see if it works with an older one. Wtf man. Can blackberry send me a new one? I pay for protection service but if its a software thing, I hope I won't have the same problem.

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    05-02-10 10:46 PM
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    ive lost the ability to gather certain cell side data with google maps and berryweather the minute i upgraded to .593. i cant wait for an upgrade.
    05-02-10 11:43 PM
  8. illrock82's Avatar
    Yea looks like I'm just gona go back to the previous OS. Anyone got a link for the older OS releases? 'Preciate it!

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    05-03-10 01:50 AM
  9. canadian student's Avatar
    Try google or here.
    05-03-10 07:04 PM
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    Hmmm. The GPS is working fine on all 4 of my 9700s running 593. Strange.

    Since 593 is not approved by TMO, how are you using the DM to load software? I am pretty sure that should fail or might be causing your issue. I would try a device wipe and loados with BBSAK. Of course backup your settings with DM and use the proc over in the "how to" section to backup your 3rd party applications so you can restore everything afterwards.

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    05-03-10 07:11 PM