03-19-10 07:11 AM
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  1. dmnall's Avatar
    Well I hate to say it, I love my BB Bold 9000 but I am tired of the crappy browsing, and I hate to say buttons like Stand By/Mute breaking or half assed working *my bold is a combo of both right now*...

    03-17-10 02:32 PM
  2. 562curve's Avatar
    I admit I tried an android phone (mytouch) didn't really like the whole touch screen only so I went back to my bb in which I find it soooo easy to use the keyboard espically I use both bolt and the default browser and don't have any problems I think the browser is fine I like the simplicity of it I have an 8900 now and I want the 9700 bold soo bad and that will be my next phone

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    03-19-10 06:59 AM
  3. jbdale's Avatar
    I will not be renewing my AT&T contract. I would get another BB for my personal phone but I may go without or go to a Droid. The only reason I got the iPhone was for the toys since my company won't allow many 3rd party apps, heck they even deleted all the games that came with the phone when I got it. My iPhone experiance was worse than my Storm 1 experiance.
    03-19-10 07:11 AM
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