1. Txaircraftmech's Avatar
    I have a question, I thought 4.3.1 will allow you tube to play but keeps asking me about the flash player.

    Another question,

    anyone have Documents to go ota? PM me if your not comfortable posting this. Thanks,

    03-21-08 05:55 PM
  2. coldconfession13's Avatar
    I would pm ya but you dont allow private messages.
    03-21-08 06:46 PM
  3. Nissan4LIFE's Avatar
    I was experiencing the same thing and docs to go is available on BB Desktop Manager when you are first doing the install from the upgrade package.

    I dunno...I'm really liking this upgrade but the bugs are really starting to irritate the **** out of me and I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing these issues:
    1. Desktop icons keep resetting every time the unit goes on or off.
    2. Extremely slow after running for a day or so...I have to reset mine every night and reset all my icons too which is very annoying.
    3. Locking up at least twice a day.
    4. Alarm clock not working at all. (This is the only alarm I use and I ended up late for work twice because it doesn't go off).
    5. Call log deletes all data after every few calls.
    6. Syncing not sending all date to Outlook (i.e. Pictures of contacts, which was doing this before).

    I don't know if these are annoyances to some but honestly I'm getting sick of it but I cannot seem to put down the new browser, video recorder, voice recorder so I guess I'm at a loss no matter what unless somebody can help me. Thanks
    03-21-08 06:59 PM
  4. coldconfession13's Avatar
    Its a Beta what are you going to expect. I want to try it for the 8300
    03-21-08 07:45 PM
  5. Txaircraftmech's Avatar
    I started experiencing some of the bugs and I changed it to the L theme and i have no problems at all. I think the themes are contradicting each other. Why? I have no idea but it seems to work hellva lot better than B theme. It was locking up on me on that B theme. I think the L theme is coordinated with the beta and yes it has bugs , its a beta.
    03-21-08 08:06 PM
  6. Nissan4LIFE's Avatar
    I will try that then...I've fallen in love with the Today Plus theme so I'm gonna have to find a good today theme that works. If anyone knows of any...please let me know because I rely on the today themes a lot. Thanks.
    03-21-08 10:41 PM
  7. fonebrkr's Avatar
    I,m liking the L theme way more than any of the others, it has just the right amount of icons.
    Youtube will play, but go to myoutube, it doesn't require flash. That blueapple site isn't too bad either.

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    03-21-08 11:20 PM
  8. Cyba Cowboy's Avatar
    YouTube Mobile isn't supported by current-model BlackBerry devices (hence the reason blueapple.mobi is so popular amongst BlackBerry users...) and Dataviz's DocumentsToGo isn't officially available yet...

    If there is a copy of DocumentsToGo floating around, it's either a leaked copy or a beta; either way, this would explain why it's buggy.

    A basic copy of DocumentsToGo is expected to be included in the upcoming firmware upgrades, with a premium (more full-featured) version available for seperate purchase - it should be available sometime in the next three months.

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    03-22-08 03:32 AM
  9. Kebero's Avatar
    YouTube Mobile works perfectly well on my VZW 8130.
    03-23-08 10:58 AM
  10. dhollins's Avatar
    I understand this is a beta version and there will be bugs. That being said, has anyone notice how you can't edit anything under profiles.

    Go to: Profiles/advanced/menu/edit/

    Let me know if it will allow you to change your tones in your profile.
    It would only allow me to edit "Messenger-New Message" and "Phone"

    I changed themes and still the same deal. But still enjoying this OS though.
    03-23-08 11:36 AM
  11. Nissan4LIFE's Avatar
    I,m liking the L theme way more than any of the others, it has just the right amount of icons.
    Youtube will play, but go to myoutube, it doesn't require flash. That blueapple site isn't too bad either.
    I've tried that but I keep getting an error message shortly after the media player opens up saying unable to play media and I was having the same problem from you tube initially. Is there something I'm doing wrong or what. Also, the L theme has been working much better for me and thanks for the info.
    03-24-08 02:38 AM
  12. Nissan4LIFE's Avatar
    Well I'm just absolutely sick of this BETA now and I had to go back to 4.2 because its just driving me nuts.
    More problems to add now:
    1. Phone will reset in the middle of a call if its longer than 15 mins and takes about 10 mins to boot back up. (UNACCEPTABLE)
    2. Bluetooth will not work without some serious static on both ends.
    3. After a couple days without a battery pull, no messages can even come in including txt messages and emails directly sent to the phone (also UNACCEPTABLE).
    4. Messages also cannot go out after a while.
    5. Syncing will not work when it gets to the address book.
    6. and I cannot even backup the data on the phone because it errors out.

    So I guess I have to go back to the stone-age and wait until something comes back that will restore my ever beloved media player, video recording, awesome browser, etc. WAAAAAAHHHHHHH

    If someone can help me out, please PM me with a working update from 4.2 thanks.
    05-07-08 02:38 PM