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    I know it's all been said before with comparisons between the iphone and any of the blackberrys (mostly the curve, and lately the bold), but I couldn't help passing along this news from CNET. Many of you have probably read about this already, but it just adds to the laundry list of problems that Apple is encountering with their latest release of the iphone 3g. The article tries hard to be fair and balanced, but in the end, the author knows it's an Apple issue with their phone and not with ATT's services (EDGE and 3G - as stated when he says something about other ATT devices not experiencing the same problems and also goes on to say how complicated the iphone is with their antaennas which leads to problems...)

    [I was not able to post the link since I don't have ten posts yet, but go to CNET's website and search "Apple, ATT mum on iphone 3g issues" and you'll find it]

    the comments at the bottom are almost funnier than the article...
    08-11-08 08:53 AM
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    08-11-08 10:15 AM