1. ankoil's Avatar
    I have 2 phones on contract, and recently upgraded my BB Torch to a Samsung Note II. 5 days ago my iPhone 4 has been contract upgrade ready, I'm considering whether or not to get the Z10. I've heard an equal amount of complaints as praises for it so I'm 50/50. As for the iPhone 5, I'm not sure if I can think of anything it can do that the Note II can't (except maybe better apps), so maybe having both would be pointless.
    03-11-13 11:47 AM
  2. moh950's Avatar
    Z10 is not just another samrtphone to be compared to Note II or iphone, it is mobile computing platform on a smartphone, you will get to feel that once you try the New ZEEEE 10.
    03-11-13 12:58 PM
  3. BoldPreza's Avatar
    I believe most issues were related to battery, camera in low light and lack of apps no?

    Fact is they are adding apps everyday, including some of the big ones like WhatsApp which is being rumoured to happen sometime this month, if not next, and the battery issues and low light camera issues seem to have been resolved with the OS update last week. Haven't heard of much in terms of hardware issues and on top of that people that have it are loving its keyboard(better than iPhone), build quality, screen quality and versatility.
    03-11-13 01:06 PM
  4. BerryGuy4040's Avatar
    I question whether complaints/praises are 50/50.....BB10 isn't perfect, but I'd say the complaints are relatively minor. The overall platform is different than anything else and is a pleasure to use. The general manner in which iOS and Android operate is similar...try something different....go out and play with a BB10 phone.
    03-11-13 01:07 PM
  5. ankoil's Avatar
    My tarif just called about upgrading. Despite telling him I have a Note II, he constantly kept pestering me to get an S3, because it's 'faster than the Z10 with better camera quality. Best phone on the market.' In the end I just had to cut him short because he was starting to bug me. I said I wasn't ready to upgrade and he was just going on and on. I also had no chance to look at other phone deal prices.
    03-11-13 02:31 PM
  6. KDB84's Avatar
    Z10 is not just another samrtphone to be compared to Note II or iphone, it is mobile computing platform on a smartphone, you will get to feel that once you try the New ZEEEE 10.
    Zed lol
    sheeraz_aa likes this.
    03-11-13 02:32 PM
  7. AVPTI's Avatar
    In all honesty, the Z10 offers a completey unique UX. It's fun.

    If you already have a Note II, I'd say get a Z10. Try it out. Sure some apps are missing, but alternatives are in BlackBerry World.

    If you don't like the Z10, sell it. I'm sure you'd be able to find a buyer in your area, Ebay, or even on CrackBerry.

    Reading and watching videos about the Z10 don't give it any justice, no matter how much praise or hate it is getting. It works for some, doesn't for others.
    03-11-13 02:35 PM
  8. ankoil's Avatar
    Oh I won't be able to sell. 2 year contract.
    03-11-13 02:41 PM
  9. ankoil's Avatar
    I upgraded. Got a week trial.

    Tbh I only use the iPhone for apps that are better on it (or if there isnt one for droid), or if the smaller phone is more convenient. Having 2 messengers like Kik... I guess .

    Unlimited calls and text, 1GB data and free land line calls for 38 a month sound good? 2GB would be 42 a month.

    For an iPhone 5 I would have to pay about 70 for the handset also.

    My Note II is 3000 minutes, 2GB data and unlimited texts for 40.

    If I didn't like all 3 phone types then I wouldn't have a problem, haha. I've also adapted to emailing on Samsung. I used to always only do it on the BlackBerry. There's BBM.
    03-12-13 07:40 AM

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