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    I want to buy a used 8900, however I been hearing people having issues ie. PIN, IMEI, BB locked because somebody not paying there bill, etc. Who do I ensure a smooth transaction?
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    The only way you will definitely get a smooth transaction is either:

    1. Make sure there is some sort of return policy (more applicable if you are buying off Ebay)
    2. If you are buying it off Ebay or a third party site, make sure they are a reputable seller.
    3. If you are buying it locally (Craigslist, Howard Forums, Crackberry, etc posting), then really the only true way to know that it works is to bring your current phone with you and pop your SIM card into the used 8900. Assuming that the 8900 is either unlocked or tied to Fido (your service provider), it should work flawlessly. Try making a test phone call (voicemail for instance) and a either a test PIN or go onto the Web Browser. That way, along with the phone recognizing your SIM card and connecting to your wireless service, you can verify everything is accounted for.

    Of course, you should know right away when you put your SIM card in if the phone connects to your service provider.

    Hope this helps!
    05-27-09 07:09 PM
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    Before purchasing the phone, ask for the imei/pin. Then call the service provider to ensure the phone isn't one anyone else's account & to make sure that the pin is not still connected to the previous owner's email. I'd also go ahead and do a master reset once the phone is recieved.
    05-27-09 07:13 PM