View Poll Results: Who is the Most Helpful CrackBerry Member of 2008?

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  • amazinglygraceless

    55 15.11%
  • bmcclure937

    12 3.30%
  • SLVR6

    9 2.47%
  • Reed Mclay

    10 2.75%
  • pltaylor

    10 2.75%
  • bla1ze

    27 7.42%
  • Crucial_Xtreme

    204 56.04%
  • exelant

    10 2.75%
  • jayden0606

    22 6.04%
  • chaz

    5 1.37%
01-17-09 11:34 PM
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  1. tscheidt's Avatar
    Way to late to vote and even though he is a mod I have to thank pete6..even though he still had a million things to do likely he was more than generous enough to message me when I had questions, and it was not just a small message back it was very detailed and fit my questions perfectly. Though I still have many questions regarding the Playstation and things you can do with my Storm with it...but I am sure that will come in time. Also it is no surprise to se Crucial won. I had IMd him back when the Storm was nothing but a myth and he was still a doubted person with a cool name on here...he was always more than happy to IM back (even though his answers were always more confusing than why the USA voted for Bush the second time...the stuff I did figure out was always spot on)....So thank to him and it was well deserved. Both you guys are awesome and I sure hope one day I can become a MOd so when I get fired for being on Crackberry so much I have something to do:-)
    01-17-09 11:34 PM
76 ... 234