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    Been pulling my hair out over this one - how to get true 2 way OTA syncing for e-mail and calendar/contacts on BIS. Google syncs e-mail one way - Handset to web ONLY. Yahoo e-mail syncs perfect both ways and is lightning quick. Yahoo calendar is terrible and does not sync, Google calendar syncs perfect. What to do??

    Wife got a new curve and uses Yahoo for her primary e-mail - she wanted her calendar and e-mail all in one place (not have to switch between Yahoo or Gmail). How to do it:

    1. You must have outlook/outlook express and pay $20 for Yahoo plus
    2. Install the google calendar sync app on your BB (must have gmail setup first)
    3. Install the google calendar sync for outlook on your desktop
    4. Install the Yahoo Autosync for Outlook on your desktop (setup yahoo email first)
    5. Setup the POP e-mail on your BB for Yahoo e-mail account

    Now when you enter anything on any of the 4 places (google, yahoo, outlook, or your BB) they all sync automatically - Outlook is like a clearing house and sends updates - the calendar via Google and e-mail via Yahoo. If you want to use Outlook that works as well.

    If you only need one way sync for e-mail then Google is the answer and is free. Seems one of these two would get both pieces of the sync working....
    01-20-09 11:56 PM
  2. kvaughan's Avatar
    That seems like such a hassle just to 2 way sync. Makes the small investment in a hosted BES sound that much better.

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    01-21-09 12:19 AM
  3. salberry1952's Avatar
    Try www.thinkpost.net

    $4 per month

    2 way sync secure
    01-21-09 02:06 AM
  4. BTSee's Avatar
    Try ThinkPost Communications - Home

    $4 per month

    2 way sync secure
    Do you use thinkpost? If so, how would you rate their service?
    01-21-09 03:31 AM